Rabu, 1 Ogos 2012

We're equal~

Assalamu'alaikum wbt and good day! 

I'm Hang Anis, a new writer for this blog. For your information, 
this month is Ramadan and the Musleems are fasting. But, I want to share about a good message about human equality. Nowadays, many issues have occured and happened terribly. For example, Buddhists in Myammar want to exterminate the Rohingyas as Musleem ethnic or the Zionists in Palestine are denying the Musleems' rights there. 

Therefore, those two incidents have show us the unequalities. But, in Islam, either you're black, white, or else, everyone is equal except piety and good action. 

This good message should be applied for every human in this world, right?

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